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Nexus Electrix is a reliable company that provides electrical resources catering all of your energy needs. Our companies team offers a diverse range of electrical services ranging from small residential jobs to premium industrial electrical works. Our innovative approach offers cost effective solutions tailored to each individual clients needs.


Electrical Installations

Our team at Nexus Energy is available to help with a range of electrical installations including new systems, lights, fans, extensions or renovations that require professional assistance. The help of our friendly team of expert electricians is available to assist with your next electrical installation.

Lighting Ideas & Solutions

Looking to install or repair lighting in your residential or commercial property? We specialise in lighting installations and provide a wide range of lighting solutions to suit any residential or commercial property. The type of lights, colour, style, performance and position are just a few considerations our knowledgeable team can assist with when planning and installing your lighting solution.

Smoke Alarms

Reducing the risk of death in a house fire by more than half, smoke alarms must be working, correctly installed and maintained to adhere to state and national legislative requirements. On January 1st 2022 we welcomed the introduction of new Queensland smoke alarm legislation. All properties leased or sold in Queensland are required to be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms of the home as well as in hallways or between areas containing bedrooms. Our experience means we have expert knowledge of current technology and legislative requirements to ensure your home has the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire.

Generator Services

Investing in a power generator for your home or workplace allows you the peace of mind when maintaining the safety and comfort you need, even when local electricity fails. Our professional team of electricians can help you determine the amount of power you may need in the event of an electrical outage and what sort of generator is best suited to you.

Fault Finding and Troubleshooting

Dealing with electrical installations and repairs can be a tricky task. The expert knowledge and skills of our team of trained professionals ensures we can fault find and troubleshoot your home and commercial electrical problems quickly and safely. It is best to hire a qualified electrician in these situations for your safety and wellbeing.

Solar & Air-Conditioning Installations

Keep your home or office cool all year round with Nexus Electrix air-conditioning installations, servicing, maintenance, cleaning and emergency repairs. Plus, wth the ever-increasing cost of electricity rates, more homeowners are installing grid-connected solar power systems. Nexus Electrix can install high-quality solar panels and inverters for your home or commercial premises.

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Bethany Sicari

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Zarby Burgin

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"Do you do free estimates?"

Yes. Call now for a free no-obligation measure and quote.

"Do you install backup generators?"
Life is unpredictable. We can help you choose the backup generator that will meet your needs and install it so that you are ready for any unexpected power outages.
"Do I need an electrician?"
Under no circumstances should you try to troubleshoot your residential electrician system on your own. You should call an electrician whenever you have an electrical problem, both for your personal safety and so that your home’s electrical system remains up to code.

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